Sinus Operation Cost In India

What is Sinus? Hello

By listening to the word 'sinus ', health conditions like nasal congestion, headache, etc come into mind picture. But there are more things that you need to know about the sinus. Because if health issues get complicated, it would ultimately require an operation, which will be the only left option of treatment. Thus, here we are going to discuss sinus, what leads to sinus operation and all you need to know about sinus surgery cost in India or sinus balloon surgery cost in India. Let us begin with an overview about the sinus.

What are Sinuses?

Sinus is a part of the human body, which is basically, hollow and air-filled cavity present in the skull and is connected to the nasal airway. The human body consists of a total of four sinuses:

  • 1. Frontal Sinus - Present in the lower centre of the forehead
  • 2. Maxillary Sinus - The largest sinus and is present behind cheeks
  • 3. Ethmoid Sinuses - Found between the eyes.
  • 4. Sphenoid Sinus - Available deep behind the Ethmoid and behind the nose.

Often these four pairs of sinuses are termed as paranasal sinuses. The sinuses are lined by a thin layer of mucus as the inner lining of the sinus is consists of mucus secreting cells. Along with mucus secreting cells, macrophages, lymphocytes and eosinophils cells are also found in the lining, which are the part of immune system. Each body part plays an important role, so does the sinuses. They act as a humidifier for inhaling air through nostrils and also warms up the air. It also plays an important role in providing insulation for the surrounding areas like eyes and nerves. In many of the studies, it is also found that sinuses are responsible for increasing voice resonance. Apart from this, it also decreases the skull weight.

However, in the condition of Sinusitis, i.e. inflammation of these air-filled cavities, blocks the mucus in the hollow cavity. And if the inflammation hinders the clearance of the mucus, it will with no doubt, would lead to bacterial infection. Now the question arises, what leads to the inflammation in the cavity? Let us know this in brief.

How Does Sinus Infection Is Caused?

The medical term denoting sinus infection is 'Sinusitis'. Sinusitis is referred to the inflammation caused in the nasal cavity. Wondering, what can lead to inflammation? Well, there are numbers of causes like when virus like Rhinovirus, Corona Virus, etc. is inhaled; fungal growth like black fungus, yellow fungus, etc; inflammation could be also caused by allergens like pollen grains, dust particles, etc. and chemical irritation like nasal sprays, smoke, etc. to some extent. Apart from these, inflammation could be also caused because of dehydration, drying medications, decreased humidity, tumours or outgrowths, etc.

You will not be so much surprised to know the fact that sinusitis is one among the common medical conditions, affecting people throughout their lives. In terms of numerical count, more than 30 million people are suffering from sinusitis in the world. People usually tend to misunderstand that sinus and cold are the same. But these two are completely different medical conditions with different causes. A cold might last for 7 to 10 days. However, on the other hand, sinusitis lasts longer and does have variable symptoms from cold. Also, the most commonly infected sinuses among four are: Maxillary Sinus and Ethmoid Sinuses.

What are the Symptoms of Sinusitis?

Understanding the body symptoms helps to take the right steps towards health, no doubts. Nasal congestion, fever are some of the common symptoms of Sinusitis. However there are many symptoms of sinusitis, let us explore all of them one by one:

  • Headache - Partially or completely blocked sinuses causes headache and feeling of heaviness of the skull. An individual might experience increased pain onset of bending action.
  • Facial Swelling - When the sinus is blocked it leads to bacterial infection which results in facial tenderness or facial swelling.
  • Fever and Fatigue - When an infection encounters the body, it activates the immune system and raise the body temperature to kill the foreign particle spreading infection. So when the sinus inflammation leads to bacterial infection, the patient experience fever. Also, the patient complains about fatigue, caused by fever as the immune system starts responding.
  • Discolored Nasal Drainage - When the patient suffers sinusitis, some might see discolored nasal discharge. If you face such issues, do not delay consulting a medical practitioner, so that the condition could be treated timely.
  • Feeling Pressured - When the inflammation occurs and mucus clearance hinders, pressure is felt which also results in pain.
  • Congestion - When you have sinusitis, you are going to experience nasal congestion. As the collected mucus do not find a way to get cleared out. The inflammation needs to treated as early as possible to avoid bacterial infection or further complications.
  • Sore Throat - Because of inflammation of sinuses, mucus is over produced, which some of the time flows to the throat and cause sore throat by postnasal drip.
  • Ear and Tooth Pain - When the sinus is affected, the pain is radiated to surrounding structures, nerves, tissues, ear and tooth. Thus, when you experience these pattern of pain, avoid taking over the counter medicines instead tell your doctor so that he/she could find the cause of sudden uneasiness.

Types of Sinusitis

  • Acute Sinusitis - This types of sinusitis remains for a short duration like 3 to 5 days. In this type of sinus, an individual is infected by virus, bacteria or fungi that cause inflammation that ultimately leads to nasal congestion, headache, etc.
  • Subacute Sinus Infection - This type of sinus infection lasts for more than a month, usually takes one to three months to get cured.
  • Chronic Sinusitis - This type of sinusitis remains for a longer timeframe. Chronic sinusitis causes persistent inflammation of the sinuses. It lasts for more than three years.
  • Allergic Rhinitis - As the name suggests these type of inflammation are caused from allergens like pollen grains, dust mites, etc. The inflammation leads to nasal stuffiness, sneezing, mucus and itching. Allergic rhinitis is also known as 'Hay Fever'.

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Diagnosis and Treatment of Sinusitis

When you will visit your doctor, he/she will draw out conclusions based on your history and few diagnostic tests. Usually, if patients complain about symptoms that are related to sinusitis which reoccurred many times then the doctor might ask you to have an X-ray. Sometimes, x-ray results might be not enough to confirm the cause of illness thus sinusitis can be also confirmed using CT scan Test or MRI scan. In some cases, patients are also advised to undergo rhinoscopy or endoscopy for the nasal cavity. So that required conclusion could be drawn for reliable treatment. Also, initially in cases of acute sinusitis, steam or medication might help. But when sinusitis is caused for a prolonged duration and severe complications occur; sinus surgery is done to treat the illness.

Sinusitis Surgery And Sinus Surgery Price In India

Sinus surgery is done to treat sinusitis. In some cases, medicines works but when severe complications occur and medication does not help, sinus surgery comes to the rescue. Also, surgery is done in case when the cavity is blocked because of the tumour or growth that obstructs the nasal cavity. Depending on the condition and severity of the illness, mainly sinus operation is done in two ways:

1. With the help of the endoscope, the surgeon is guided on the path to follow. In case of balloon sinuplasty, the obstructed passage is located and medical equipment is inserted and the balloon is inflated that let the mucus to flow and get cleared.

2. When polyps or outgrowth is required to be removed that leads to bacterial information, pus formation or in worst cases brain abscess. In these types of conditions, an incision is required to made either into the nasal cavity or facial skin to operate and remove the disease causing structures.

We now know, what are sinuses? how sinusitis is caused? symptoms indicating that you have sinusitis. Now let us also know about sinus surgery cost in India. Knowing about sinus balloon surgery cost in India or sinus lift surgery cost in India helps us save pennies as the list sinus surgery price in India or sinus lift surgery cost in India tell the places to avail operation at convenient prices.

Usually, the sinus operation cost in India or sinus lift surgery cost in India is much affordable than in western countries. In today's date, India is home to top-class medical facilities at affordable price. All we required is to have adequate knowledge so that reliable healthcare facilities could be availed at cost-effective prices. The sinus surgery cost in India or sinus balloon surgery cost in India is determined by numerous factors like the type of hospital, surgeon cost, medication, etc. The average sinus surgery cost in India can reach above 1,40,000 INR. But in the capital city, New Delhi; the sinus surgery price in India starts at 17,000 INR. To know more about places where the sinus operation could be availed at a convenient price; check the list of sinus operation cost in India depicting prices in various cities:

City Lowest Cost Average Cost Highest Cost Action

New Delhi