Rhinoplasty Nose Surgery Cost in India

Are you looking for nose plastic surgery cost in India? Then you are exactly at the right place. Here you are going to get the best of best nose plastic surgery cost in India or rhinoplasty cost in India along with other necessary pieces of information linked with the nose surgery. There are many factors responsible for the nose cosmetic surgery price in India. Having good knowledge about the rhinoplasty cost in India in different cities, no doubts helps to save a lot of pennies. Thus from details about the surgery procedure to rhinoplasty surgery price in India, we have bought all details for you in one place. So that unnecessary browsing and time wastage could be avoided. Let us begin with a brief about - What is Rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty - Overview

Facial beauty is one of the prime factors of consideration for humans. To enhance or rectify facial features, many choose the option of plastic surgery. Eyes and noses play a maleficent role in defining beauty in any individual. Rhinoplasty is all about nose surgery. Some people get small and some get a long nose. Unfortunately, some faced deformity in the formation of the nose by birth and some have health ailment that requires surgery of the nose. Rhinoplasty or nose surgery is one of the common types of plastic surgery. Wondering, what happens in rhinoplasty? Do not worry, we have got all answers to your concerns.

Rhinoplasty is also locally known as 'nose job', which is done to modify the appearance of the nose. In this surgical procedure, the shape and size of the nose are reconstructed by breaking the bone and rearranging the cartilage. The basic nose surgery cost in India could cost up to 40,000 INR. However, the rhinoplasty nose surgery cost in India could also reach above 2 lakhs.

Reasons for Performing Nose Surgery

From aesthetically enhancing the size of the nose to correcting any birth defect, nose surgery is considered. Let us have a look at the reasons for which option of rhinoplasty nose surgery has opted:

  • For improving the functions of the nose.
  • Reconstructing the nose.
  • Correction of the nose (humped nose, wide nose, saddle nose, crooked nose, etc.)
  • Nasal pathologies.
  • Obstructed airways are corrected
  • Congenital nose deformities and defects.
  • Trauma like nasal fractures and burns.

Various ways to Performs Rhinoplasty

  • Open Rhinoplasty - In this type of surgical procedure, the cartilage and the skin bridge between the nostril known as columella is incised, which let the surgeon graft and help visualize the nasal cartilage properly.
  • Closed Rhinoplasty - In this type of procedure, the incision is not required to be made in the columella. The surgery could be done without cutting the bridge of the nostril.
  • Augmentation - In the case of a depressed nose, it could be built up or made prominent by the use of autografts or implants. Keeping the pros and cons in the head, people tend to choose the autograft, which is basically the piece of cartilage extracted from ears or ribs. When it comes to performing Rhinoplasty using implants, the surgeon uses implants made up from silicone or medpore for accomplishing the aesthetic surgery.
  • Removal of Hump: - To remove a hump from the nose, which basically occurs due to the prominence of the nose bone or partial septum part and is required to be shaved off. When the hump is removed, the roof of the nose becomes hollow, which is closed by infracture of the nasal bones.

The best nose plastic surgery cost in India is determined by the hospital chosen for the operation. An individual can avail best nose plastic surgery cost in India in a city like Mumbai, which can reach above 1,50,000 INR. However, it will be performed by top-rated experts.

Getting prepared for Nose Surgery

Before getting prepared for the rhinoplasty, it is important to figure out the right candidate for performing nose surgery. It cannot be performed for each patient. There are certain factors to consider for selecting the candidate for the surgery like if the facial growth of the patient is complete or if the patient is physically healthy. Also, physiological aspects are considered before performing the surgery. The patient should have a positive outlook so as gain improvement in appearance. Eligible candidates for the surgery are analyzed by the doctor. The complete nasal examination is undergone and photos are clicked from different angles. After analyzing the patient, the doctor would advise keeping smoking at bay as it could create major complications and certain medications will be also stopped.

Rhinoplasty Surgery Procedure

To perform nose surgery, the patient is given general anaesthesia. As per the consideration of the type of rhinoplasty either open or closed, incision are made. After making an appropriate incision, following the precautionary steps, the skin is raised and rectal structures are exposed. After the same, the surgeon breaks the bone, remove cartilage and reconstruct the nose structure. In those cases where graft or implant is required to be done, the same is set as per the requirement. After completion of the procedure, the incision made is closed using stitches, which are removed after a week. The scar will be disappeared after a period of some time. The entire nose surgery takes 1 to 3 hours to end.

After the surgery, the patient is prescribed antibiotics and pain killer. By taking medication timely, the patient can achieve early recovery. Also, to avoid complications of bleeding and swelling, the patient is advised to rest with the head elevated. If you face slight drainage of mucus or bleeding after surgery, nothing to worry about it as it is normal. However, consult the doctor right away if the complication exceeds.

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Experience After Nose Surgery

Before performing the surgery, the major concern of the patient is the results after the surgery. Also, knowing about the recovery process and consequence will help you remain fully prepared prior to the surgery.

In the case of Rhinoplasty, where the operation is performed for aesthetic enhancement of the nose, the final look will take time to be visible. The swelling would take 3 months to get resolved. The nasal refinement could take 3 to 4 months to be completely noticeable.

Post the nose surgery, the patient will feel that their nasal cavity is blocked. In this case, the nasal decongestants might help the patients. The stitches will be removed within 2 weeks of duration. On the first day of the surgery, the patient might experience difficulty in opening eyes but this will be resolved the following next day. The rhinoplasty surgery price in India in private hospital could cost high but provides reliable healthcare facilities.

What is the recovery timeframe for the Rhinoplasty?

The healing period for nose surgery is one of the most commonly asked questions among patients. When the surgery involves the incision of the nasal bone, the patient takes 7 days to 2 weeks for getting healed. Also, between 2 to 4 weeks, the stitches are removed and the patient could return to work and can perform normal light activities. The patients are advised to apply some moisturizer and do facial massage to get rid of scars and swelling. However, the healing process will be continued for several weeks. Patients are also advised to avoid sun exposures for better results.

Also, patients will be restricted from doing strenuous activities for few weeks like swimming, running, do not blow the nose as it will cause bleed and excessive chewing is also not allowed. Apart from this, the patient should be so much careful while making facial expression like smiling or laughing that requires so many body movements.

Does Nose Surgery Involve Any Risk?

Yes, rhinoplasty does involves some risks and complications so does most of the medical procedure. Even though the medical team operate with all precautionary steps, there always remains some risk for the operation. A patient might face recurring nose bleed or infection with turns out to be the formation of an abscess. After few days of the operation, the patient can experience septal perforation if the septal is unsupported. Also, if in case, cartilage is removed more than required, it could cause nasal deformity. For some timeframe, the patient also complains of nasal congestion and blackish-bluish discolouration around the eyes.

Factors Affecting The Nose Surgery Cost In India

The nose plastic surgery cost in India or rhinoplasty cost in India determined by various factors. By knowing these factors, you can regulate the factor responsible for high nose plastic surgery cost in India. Some of the factors affecting the nose surgery cost in India are:

  • The type of organization chosen, i.e. private or government.
  • Type of healthcare facilities availed in the hospita
  • The cost of the diagnostic tests.
  • Charges of the medical consultant, surgeon and team.
  • Type of nose surgery performed
  • Medication after surgery.
  • Post-surgery follow-ups, etc.

What Is Nose Cosmetic Surgery Price In India?

The rhinoplasty cost in India varies from city to city. The cost is determined by various factors, some of them are mentioned in the above section. This list of rhinoplasty nose surgery cost in India will help you have an idea about the price in various cities, have a look: 

City Lowest Cost Average Cost Highest Cost Action

New Delhi