Liver Transplant Cost In India

A liver transplant is a very costly and highly crucial medical procedure. When it comes to health, no one tends to compromise and always look for the best of the best available healthcare options. Here you are going to get the details about the price for liver transplant in India. Whether you are concerned about the cheapest liver transplant in India, approximate cost of liver transplant in India, liver transfer cost in India, liver replacement cost in India, liver cost in India, liver plantation cost in India, liver transplant surgery cost in India or total cost of liver transplant in India; you are going to get all the required details for liver transplant expenses in India here.

Apart from the liver transplant in India price, we also know that how information is liver transplant related important piece of information is for you. Many people from western countries tend to come to India because of affordable liver transplant charges in India. We will find more about medical tourism linked with the lower price of human liver in India and affordable liver transplant surgery cost in India in a later section. Let us begin with an overview about the liver. 

What is the Function of Liver?

The liver is one of the largest internal organs which is situated at the right side of the human body. It is reddish-brown and weighs between 3 and 3.5 pounds. The liver plays very important functions thus we should ensure that we follow a healthy way so that our liver is not impacted. There are numbers of important functions that are carried by the liver like:

  • It filters the blood and also removes toxins and other harmful products from the blood passing through the liver. 
  • The liver secretes bile juice that plays important role in blood coagulation and digestion of fat.
  • It also breakdowns down poisonous substances consumed like drugs and alcohol.
  • Regulating blood sugar level is also one of the important function of the liver.
  • Also, the liver is responsible for storing an adequate amount of vitamins like Vitamin A, D, E, K and B12 along with copper and iron. 

How to Take Care Of the Liver? 

Nothing is so much difficult, all you need to think and command your brain to do the same for you. By taking some extra steps towards your health; you could avoid unfortunate health issues and sufferings. The liver plays vital functions in the human body. Thus, we need to ensure that we do the things keeping health in mind. Exercise and yoga are the cure to maximum diseases. However, there are many other ways to keep your liver healthy like:

  • Keep your weight in check - No doubt, obesity causes many health complications. "No play makes Jim a dull boy" - this is one of the common heard saying which people should not ignore. Make sure that you are indulged in some kind of activity and avoid being idle for a long time. Fat in the body, especially liver fat could lead to unending worries. Thus, make sure that you keep your weight on check and maintain a healthy weight to avoid any liver or other medical issues.
  • Say Yes to Proper Balance Diet - Eating in control and with an adequate about of nutrients, both are important aspects of a healthy liver. One should ensure that a proper balanced diet is included on the daily basis. It means your food contains the right amount of protein, fibre, etc. required by your health on daily basis.
  • Avoid Toxins - Many of the food items like pasta, oil-rich food, etc. contains toxins. Thus, the individual must switch over to a healthy lifestyle and if possible should prefer 'homemade food' only. There are numerous things in which antioxidants are found like green tea, walnut, etc. Consuming which, helps to flush out toxin and make you healthier. 
  • Avoid Alcohol- From news to movies, many of the times it is shown that consumption of too much alcohol affects the liver badly and proves fatal. Thus one should always be cautious about the amount of alcohol consumption.
  • Be Vaccinated - Yes, you heard it right! One should be vaccinated to avoid having deadly diseases like hepatitis that could damage the liver completely. By getting vaccinated, the body develops immunity to fight against the disease. So make sure that the vaccine option is marked from the to-do list of a happier life.
  • Clean hands before you eat -Last but not least, many of the diseases are caused by germs taken along with food when touched with unclean hands which caused serious health issue So always ensure that the hands are properly washed or sanitized before touching the food. We need to be extra careful about the children in this scenario.

When Liver Transplant is Required? 

An individual requires a liver transplant when he/she is battling for life and reached end-stage of liver disease or complete liver failure, where other treatments failed. Liver failure could happen either suddenly or could take a long period. The most common reason for liver failure is - Cirrhosis, which causes degeneration of liver cells, thickening of tissue and inflammation that leads to scarring and ultimately liver failure. This chronic liver is caused by Hepatitis B and C, genetic issues, alcoholic liver, fatty liver, etc.

Worried about recovery time? Well, for resuming normal life activities you need at least 6 months or in some cases more than that to heal properly. You will be amazed to know that there are excellent outcomes of a liver transplant. It could increase the life span by more than 30 years after the surgery.

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Types of Liver Transplant

The type of liver transplant is among the one of the factors that determine the total cost of liver transplant in India. Usually, there are 3 major ways for performing a liver transplant:/p>

  • Liver Transplant From Living Donor - In this type of liver transplant procedure, a small section of the liver is removed from the donor, which is probably living. The donor does not need to worry as the liver got the ability of regeneration could regrow into the normal size after some time frame. Also, the transplanted section regrows and carry out the essential functions in the patient. This type of liver transplant in India price can reach above 25,00,000 INR. 
  • Deceased Liver Transplant - In this liver transplant method, the liver transplant is done using the liver removed from the person who had a recent death. It is a medical boon, that such a procedure persist where the dead person can add lifespan to another person.
  • Split Donation Transplant - Thanks to advanced medical facilities, which makes it possible to save the life of 2 people from liver removed from one dead person.
  • In a split donation transplant, the liver removed from the recently died person is split into 2 pieces and is transplanted in the patients suffering from liver failure. The two transplants grow into the normal size of the liver. 

However, certain complications are associated with liver transplant surgery. The most common among them is organ rejection, which could happen after the surgery even after hundred of test done. Other medical complications like haemorrhage, bile leakage, increased infection risk, kidney failure, etc could occur.

Medical Tourism for Liver Transplant 

We know that you are looking for liver transplant cost in India. But not only Indian tend to search for the liver replacement cost in India or liver rate in India. But people from western countries also tend to know the cost of liver in India or the approximate cost of liver transplant in India because of affordable liver transplant expenses in India and the price of human liver in India. No doubt, that India is attracting medical tourism because of reliable healthcare facilities at convenient costs. Nowadays, medical tourism had become one of the growing sector o our country. 

As per 2018 data, a total of 1,130 liver transplants was done for foreign patients. Also, the patients got 571 deceased donors to help to save their life at an affordable price. These numbers of transplant keep on increasing year by year. Also, it turns out to be boon, when the Indian government in 2019, allowed foreigners to avail organ transplant without the medical visa. You will be also surprised to know the fact that India is soon going to be the 2nd medical tourism in world after Thailand.

Apart from this, if we specifically talk about the city that receives the most medical tourists in India then it is Chennai. Thus city receives 45% more foreign patients than domestic and is also entitled as 'India's Health City'. 

Liver plantation cost in India ultimately reduces with the lower price of liver in India as compared to western courtiers. India tends to not only have foreign medical aspirant who want to study in India but also patients from various countries like Africa, Afghanistan, Iran, etc.

If we talk about the approximate cost of liver transplant in India, it is 30,000 INR and the liver cost in India could range between 15 to 25 Lakhs. Now if we, compare liver transplant expenses in India from highly developed western countries like the USA; it is $557,000 and liver is purchased here for about $1 million. Also, in America, the transplant of the liver could take $330,000 which is too high as compared to liver transplant surgery cost in India and liver cost in India. Thus foreigners can avail cheapest liver transplant in India than in their country. Wondering, why the total cost of liver transplant in India is affordable as compared to other countries? Well, liver transplant cost in India is determined by various factors like the price of liver in India, hospital opted, surgeon fees, fees of diagnostic tests, medications, organ donation, etc.


A liver Transplant is a surgical intervention wherein the Doctor performs a surgical procedure to replace the damaged Liver with a healthy liver from a donor. Such a surgical procedure is the last resort and is performed only on patients suffering from end-stage liver disease with life at stake due to non-functioning liver.

During a liver transplant surgery, the damaged liver is removed and replaced with a healthy liver. A healthy liver can be donated by a donor who can be a member of a family friend or relative called a Living donor, or it may be donated by any deceased patient called a Cadaveric donor. The first step involves searching for a match for the Liver. Usual surgery time can be anywhere between 8-12 hrs performed under General anesthesia. The surgeon does an incision in the abdomen, the bile ducts and arteries connected to the Liver are carefully disconnected then the new Liver part from the donor is implanted in the patient’s body, and blood vessels and bile ducts are reconnected. Usually, patients are kept within the hospital for 10 days for observation Immunosuppressive medications are prescribed for life to ensure the body does not reject the new liver. It can take several months for patients to recover fully.

A liver transplant is a lifesaving surgical intervention for patients suffering from end-stage liver disease. As per the latest reports, an average of 65% of the patients live for 10-15 years post-transplant with no major complications and can lead a normal lifestyle. It is also known that about 55% of patients are expected to live more than 15 years, some patients have even survived for 20-30 years, depending upon the patient condition and lifestyl.

It is estimated that roughly 2.6 lakh people die every year due to acute liver failure or liver cirrhosis. The major reason for such a high death rate despite having a transplant option is that still, liver transplant cost is relatively high for India where the average per capita income is extensively low compared to developed and advanced developed countries in the world. An average Liver transplant cost is anywhere between 13-19 lacs in any good private hospital in India.

For the majority of the patients suffering from end-stage liver, i.e. the liver is significantly damaged and can no longer perform essential functions like filtering blood toxins and generating bile, they will require a liver transplant surgery. The most common reason is Chronic Hepatitis B or c, alcoholic liver disease, liver cancer, non-alcoholic fatty liver, and genetic liver disease.

A liver transplant is a major surgery and is only the last resort to be recommended to anyone. Multiple tests are performed to determine and evaluate the patient's condition.  

The Donor's surgery is comparatively less complicated and as the liver has this unique ability to regenerate itself, the donor can lead a healthy life after successful surgery & recovery. 

Having said this any type of surgery has some risk involved, like excessive bleeding, infection, damage to bile ducts, or any other organ during or after the surgery. To ensure donor patient safety, a thorough medical examination is performed before selecting a patient

Stop Smoking & Drinking

Stop Blood thinner & any routine medication (per Doctor Advice)

Wear comfortable clothes

Follow surgery diet (avoid Heavy & Oily food)

Ask a Friend or Family to accompany

Keep a folder with the latest medical test & doctor reports, Insurance Card & Emergency contact


The Liver transplant is governed by the Transplant of Human Organ act (THOA) established in 1994. As per this any close family member or near relative is defined as per the act “ Spouse , parents, siblings, grandparents & children of the recipient. 

Family friends, well-wishers staff, or neighbor are not accepted as donors

Age limit between 18-55 years are allowed for donation


Donor Blood Group

Whom the liver can Be donated


O, A, B, AB


A or AB


B or AB



Any of the above mentioned can donate the organ subject to passing thorough medical evaluation and fulfill requirements of the law  

Yes, the liver has this amazing capacity which makes it different from other organs, to regenerate itself. A few weeks after the transplant, the Liver starts to get adjusted to its new environment and the new liver begins to grow.  Though many factors depend on the rate at which the liver regrows, age, health of the recipient, condition of the implanted liver, and any other comorbidity. It is important for the patient who underwent a Liver Transplant to maintain a healthy lifestyle to ensure minimal complications.

Orthotopic liver transplant is mostly similar to another liver transplant wherein the unhealthy liver is replaced by the healthy liver. The only difference is, as the word orthotopic means it is placed at the same location as the original liver. In this the Surgeon does an incision in the abdomen, the bile ducts and arteries connected to the Liver are carefully disconnected then the new Liver part from the donor is implanted in the patient’s body and blood vessels and bile ducts are reconnected Immunosuppressive medication is prescribed for life to ensure the body does not reject the new liver. It can take several months for patients to recover fully.

What is Liver Transfer Cost In India?

We know that the affordable price for liver transplant in India and the price of liver in India and other convenient medical facilities makes India a growing medical tourism site. But one should also know that, where the cheapest liver transplant in India could be done or what is average liver replacement cost in India. You will get answers to all the queries related to liver plantation cost in India or the price of human liver in India here. The starting price of transplantation of liver rate in India is 18,00,000 INR and liver transfer cost in India can reach high as 35,00,000 INR in a city like Chennai. The cheapest transplant cost of liver in India can be availed in the capital city, New Delhi. Also, liver transplant in India price in a city like Mumbai can be availed with an average cost of 22,00,000 INR, where the patient can avail successful liver transplant along with good healthcare facilities. Chennai is another city where the liver transplant charges in India starts with a price of around 20,00,000 INR. By knowing the liver transplant charges in India in various cities you can avail of the transplant at your convenience. Here's the list of price for liver transplant in India in various cities: 

City Lowest Cost Average Cost Highest Cost Action

New Delhi













































Tamil Nadu