Kidney Stone Operation Cost in India

There is no doubt that India is home to affordable healthcare facilities. Here you will get all the details related to kidney stone treatment cost in India. As compared to western countries like USA, UK, Singapore, etc. kidney stone operation cost in India is cheaper. However, kidney stone removal private cost in India could be a bit costly but gives top-class healthcare facilities at convenient prices. We have come with all important piece of information related to kidney stone removal private cost in India like kidney stone test cost in India or pathri operation cost in India, kidney stone laser treatment cost in India, stone operation cost in India, lithotripsy machine cost in India, laser kidney stone removal cost in India, laser lithotripsy cost in India, laser treatment for kidney stone cost in India, ureteroscopy price in India, etc. In cities like Uttar Pradesh, the cost for kidney stone removal in India starts from a minimal price of 8,00 INR. Also, in cities like Bangalore, kidney stone operation price in India can reach a maximum of 2,00,000 INR.

Along with these details of kidney stone operation price in India, you are also going to get details about the treatment. So that you can have an idea about the reason and types of the treatment. Knowing about the things, especially when it is related to your health is never unworthy. Instead having information about the treatment along the cost of kidney stone removal in India helps to seek the best and avoid any health complications. Let us begin with an overview of kidney stones and their causes.

What are Kidney Stones?

Kidney stones are also known in medical terminology as renal calculi, nephrolithiasis or urolithiasis and are basically, deposits that are formed inside the kidney. These are made up of minerals and salts and factors like obesity, diet intake, health issues and medication of health ailment are among many causes of formation of stones. These formed stones can affect any part from the kidney to your urinary tract. In many of the cases, it is found that stones in the urinary tract are caused due to concentrated urine that crystallizes the minerals later these are stick together.

There are various types of kidney stones, the most common type among them is calcium stones, which are made from calcium oxalate. Food items like chocolate, nuts or certain fruits and vegetables contain a high amount of oxalate, intaking which forms calcium stones. Individuals having health issues like malabsorption, chronic diarrhea, etc. that cause loss of too much fluid and also prefer eating high protein-containing food items are prone to uric acid stones. Other types of stones that are found in the kidney are struvite and cystine stones.

The kidney and ureter stones are examined using a ureteroscope. This procedure of examination of stones inside the kidney and ureter using ureteroscope, which is a narrow, tube-shaped medical examination equipment having light and lenses is known as ureteroscopy. It is considered as one of the minimally-invasive methods of stone surgery for vital and delicate body organs like the kidney and ureter. This operation is carried out by the surgeon while the patient is on active coagulation.

The ureteroscopy price in India is similar to kidney stone removal private cost in India. The ureteroscopy price in India in a big city like Bangalore starts from a minimum of 1,10,000 INR in private hospitals. Stone operation price in India varies in government and private organizations. Ureteroscopy cost in India depends on many factors, like surgeon cost, hospital opted, medications, patient health conditions, etc. The type of medical equipment used during the surgery also determines the ureteroscopy cost in India. Kidney stone laser treatment cost in India is far more costly than this method. They are various method available for the treatment of kidney stones. Before knowing about its diagnosis and treatment. Let us know about the symptoms of kidney stones.

Symptoms that Alert for Kidney Stones

Any health ailment in the human body could be caught by warning symptoms that health shows. Thus, it is required to remain aware of these body symptoms. Some of the symptoms could not be avoided and are required to be consulted right away with the medical expert. The symptoms that indicate the formation of stones inside the kidney or ureter are:

  • Sharp pain below the ribs region or back.
  • Radiating pain towards lower abdomen and groin
  • Pain or feeling of burning sensation while urinating.
  • Change of urine colour like pinkish, red or brown urine colour.
  • Urge of frequent urination that too with small amounts.
  • Foul smell from urine
  • Feeling of vomiting or nausea.
  • If an infection occurs, the patient will get fever and chills.
  • Blood in urine
  • It becomes difficult to urinate.

How are Kidney Stones diagnosed?

If the patient complains about any of the above-mentioned symptoms, the medical consultant could suspect kidney stones. Thus, the doctor will ask you to go through a few diagnostic test or medical procedures like:

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Urine Test: Usually urine test for kidney stones are done using samples collected for 2 consecutive days. The 24 hours collected urine sample is used to identify if the patient is excreting a few stone preventing substances or many minerals that form stones.

Blood Test:Using blood tests, kidney stones could be also identified. It will help to know the level of calcium and uric acid level in your blood. Blood tests, not only helps to monitor the condition of the kidney but also other health conditions.

Medical Imaging Procedure:The blood test and urine test could fail to identify small kidney stones. But using a CT scan these tiny stones could be easily identified. X-ray is not considered as they cannot reveal the presence of tiny stones which could be identified using high-speed or dual energy computerized tomography (CT). Another imaging techniques like ultrasound is quick and easy to perform than other methods. It could help to diagnose kidney stones to a greater extent.

Thus, the method of diagnosis of kidney stones is one of the factors that determine the cost of kidney stone removal in India. The blood test and urine test do not affect kidney stone treatment cost in India that much as they could be done at a minimal cost. However, on the other side, diagnosis using CT scan increases the kidney stone treatment cost in India. Also, kidney stone test cost in India if availed from the private hospital could be costly. Kidney stone test cost in India in government organizations are also available free of cost. However, stone operation cost in India is costly for large stones removal.

The complete list of kidney stone operation cost in India, ureteroscopy cost India, laser kidney stone removal cost in India is shared in a separate section.

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Treatments Available for Kidney Stones

The treatment for kidney stones is determined by the shape of the stones. The small stones could be easily be removed without operation. However, large stones would require operation thus affecting the cost for kidney stone removal in India.

Removal of Small Stones

Most of the times, small kidney stones could be easily removed without any invasive method like:

Drinking water: By drinking water daily with a quantity of 1.8 to 3.6 litres, urine remains diluted thus formation of stones is prevented.

Pain Killer: Passing out the stones by taking a lot of fluids and other natural ways could be painful. However, a painkiller could help to relieve its pain.

Using Medication:Small kidney stones could also be removed using medication like an alpha-blocker that relaxes the muscle are helps to pass the stones.

Removal of Large Stones

The cost of kidney stone removal in India, especially for large stone is costly. There are various ways to remove these stones:

Lithotripsy:This treatment uses ultrasound shock waves to break kidney stones or other calculus in small particles that are later passed out of the body. This complete procedure could last from 45 to 60 minutes. It could be also painful thus the patient is provided with a dose of light anaesthesia. The lithotripsy price in India could avail at a minimum price of 6,000 INR and the maximum lithotripsy price in India can reach above 70,000 INR. The lithotripsy price in India depends on the lithotripsy machine also. Usually, the lithotripsy machine cost in India costs 60 to70 lakh. 

Nephrolithotomy: Using this surgery large kidney stones are removed using telescopes and instrument. These surgeries are carried using a small incision. Also, the patient is provided with general anaesthesia. In India, kidney stones are called pathri. The pathri operation cost in India starts with a minimum of 5,000 INR and the pathri operation cost in India can reach up to 1,30,000 INR depending on the hospital opted.

Ureteroscopy:Wondering about ureteroscopy cost India? Here you will get it all. Ureteroscopy is basically, a method of large stones removal from the kidney. In this type of method, a thin tube having light and a camera is inserted into the urethra and bladder. The cost of ureteroscopy in India differs in various cities. In a city like Hyderabad, the cost of ureteroscopy in India ranges between 70,000 INR to 1,30,000 INR in private hospitals. The cost of ureteroscopy in India is generally high as it is directly proportional to the high cost lithotripsy machine cost in India.

Laser Removal:Kidney removal using laser is a less painless method. However, the pain can occur after the completion of the procedure. You might be thinking that kidney stone laser operation cost in India might be costly, right? Yes, you are right. The kidney stone laser operation cost in India or laser based ureteroscopy cost India is costly as compare to other available treatment. However, ureter or kidney stone laser operation cost in India is cheaper as compared to the western countries. The laser treatment for kidney stone cost in India is 2 times costly than the kidney stone operation price in India or lithotripsy price in India done using other ways. The laser kidney stone removal cost in India starts with a minimum of 1,00,000 INR and the laser treatment for kidney stone cost in India can maximum reach above 2,50,000 INR. Also, laser lithotripsy cost in India is similar to this method.


There is no research to prove that drinking milk can actually cause Kidney stones. Mostly this misconception was due to most of the stones in the kidney being due to calcium and Milk is rich in calcium. Another research stated that if the body has less calcium it tries to attract oxalate from our diet which combines with calcium to form stones. Though excess of any consumption of an item even dairy products can also lead to stones in the body.

Fruits that are helpful for avoiding Kidney stones are 

lemon, Orange, etc. helps in reducing the risk of stone formation, as the citrus mineral helps to bind with calcium in urine to avoid oxalate formation of stones. 

Any high-water-content fruit can also be very helpful to promote more urine, and passing urine can help in flushing the toxins from the body which may lead to stone formation. 

Fruits with high antioxidant help reduce kidney inflammation

The most common kidney stones are oxalate kidney stones. And any food item having high oxalate can increase the chances of kidney stones. Spinach, beets, nuts, berries, groundnut, but based dry fruits, etc can create kidney stone formation. 

Red meat, poultry, processed foods, etc have high protein and if consumed in very high quantities then it may be the cause of kidney stones.

Sugar, sodium, and calcium are the ones that may lead to stones.

However, if any of the above-mentioned items are consumed in limited quantities it will not cause any harm.  

  1. Drink Water. 
  2. Therapy to help relax kidney muscles.
  3. Minimal invasive options are - Ureteroscopy, and lithotripsy, for full details pls visit the ShubHealth page.
  4. Surgical Intervention.  

There could be many reasons for kidney stone formation a few of the main reasons are 

  1. Naturally due to regional preferences- In India many states have high levels of substances like calcium, etc. present in water which naturally leads to pre-deposition of stones in the body.
  2. Water Intake - If a person usually consumes excessively less water then the body is prone to develop stones, especially in the kidneys.
  3. Medical Conditions:  A few medical conditions like urinary infections or urinary tract blockage and other urology diseases. affect kidney function, may lead to the formation of kidney stones.  
  4. Family History also increases the chance of kidney stones. 
  5. Diet: Consuming high amounts of sodium, oxalates, or purines, may increase the chances of kidney stone formation. High-fat diet and obese people are more prone to having kidney stones.

If not treated in time kidney stones can often be very painful. If the stone is stuck in the urinary tract, patients often complain of moderate to severe pain and have to take painkillers.

  1. Pain in Back Side- Usually a cramping pain, it is usually come and go type, may get worse when you move or change position  
  2. Bleeding while urinating, pink-red, or brown streaks in urine. 
  3. Nausea or  Vomiting like feeling, may also feel cold, fever is also a very common symptom. 
  4.  Bladder Problem - You may be unable to hold urine for long and have an urgency to pass urine. The thing to note is when you pass the urine in such urgency, very less urine is passed.
  5. Pain in the groin/labia, abdomen, or thigh.

There is no scientific evidence to show that beer actually helps remove or avoid kidney stones. High consumption of any alcoholic beverage can actually induce kidney stone formation

Cost of Kidney Stone Removal In India

Many factors affect stone operation price in India like the type of hospital, facilities availed, diagnosis of the kidney stones etc. However, the kidney stone laser treatment cost in India is costly as compared to the stone operation cost in India using other methods. The laser lithotripsy cost in India can reach above 2,00,000 INR in a private hospital. Please find below the list of kidney stone removal private cost in India to have an estimate idea of kidney stone removal cost in various cities:

City Lowest Cost Average Cost Highest Cost Action