Heart Transplant Cost in India

The heart transplant cost in India might seem costly. But do you know the fact that the heart transplant in India price is cheaper than in western countries? And this fact is attracting medical tourism to India. India proudly owns 500+ accredited healthcare providers. If we talk about the estimated worth of medical tourism in India till 2020 it was US$ 5–6 billion. Also, the average price of heart transplant in India can cost between 20-25 Lakhs. Thus, today we are going to discuss about heart health, the price of heart organ in India and the average heart transplant in India price. Let us begin with an overview of the heart. 

Quick Fact 1:The estimated human heart cost in India and other medical treatment costs in India is one-tenth of the average cost of treatment in western countries like the USA or the United Kingdom.

Heart - Why it's the Most Important Organ?

The heart is undeniable, the most important organ, which is responsible for sustaining life and acts as the body's engine room. It delivers the blood all around the body parts and delivers oxygen and essential nutrient via blood. You can also say that heart is the hardest-working organ of the human body, which weighs around 200 to 425 grams. It also pumps the deoxygenated blood to the lungs and oxygenated blood to the body parts. Now when you know about the role of the heart, thus you can presume well that risking heart health is, actually risking your life.

Wondering about how heart health could be monitored? Well, many medical tests can help us to know if the heart is functioning properly like: Electrocardiogram (ECG), Echocardiogram, Cardiac stress test, Holter monitor ( monitors heart for 24 hours), etc.

Quick Fact 2:When the heart stops, life ends. Thus, a heart transplant is considered a life-giving medical procedure, where the heart completely stops functioning. For a heart transplant, it is required to get a matched donor. Thus, depending on the availability of the required heart, the patient would need to wait for a long duration ranging from 4 weeks to 2 months. Also, the heart transplant needs to be done within 4 hours of receiving it from the donor.

Quick Fact 3:The price of heart transplant in India is affordable and also have an 80% to 90% success rate.

Make Heart Health -Your First Priority

Do you know that the price of heart organ in India could reach above 20 Lakhs? Yes, you need that much money to have a heart transplant. But why to wait for such unforeseen medical illness to take place? When things could be better by few simple healthy measures. The heart plays the most important role in the human body. We should ensure that we follow a healthy lifestyle so that the heart function properly. Check out these 7 ways to keep your heart healthy:

  • Keep Heart Health in Check  - It is required to visit the doctor and do regular checkups. So that, if any health complication is identified, the right measures could be taken timely. Do you know that high blood pressure, high blood glucose or high cholesterol level in body causes heart disease? This is why, it is important to monitor the level of cholesterol, glucose level in blood and blood pressure. Apart from this, many hospitals offer heart check-ups packages to monitor heart health, which one should prefer.
  • Get Good Sleep  - Not getting proper sleep is one of the risk factors for heart disease. If the person does not gets an adequate amount of sleep. It will lead to a higher stress level, unhealthy food choices, etc. Thus a person should get proper 7 to 8 hours, this will direct you to the healthy side of life. If you will be fit and happy, your heart is going to be healthy for sure. 
  • Shed Extra Kilos - There is no doubt that obesity brings many diseases along. Our body does need fat for energy and other functions but too much of it could cause serious health issues. Saturated fat increases the level of bad cholesterol, which tends to build up in the arteries and could affect blood circulation to the heart and eventually to the entire body. Thus keeping the weight in check and shedding out extra gained kilos could add years to your life span.
  • Listen to Music - Listening to peaceful music is a good way to manage stress. As it is found in studies, that even minor stress is enough to trigger the heart problem. Stress is considered very bad for the heart, as it affects the blood flow to the heart and sometimes it could cause the heart to stop. When the heart doesn't receive the adequate amount of oxygen and also causes blood clots. Don't worry, practice stress management activities like listening to music and dance. Music will make you feel relaxed, which is good for your heart.
  • Practice Yoga And Exercise  - Cardio activities like walking, swimming, cycling, skipping, etc. also proves beneficial for your heart health. It improves blood circulation in the body, reduces weight and keeps you active and your heart healthy. Coming to yoga, it could do wonders for your health. Yoga improves health and possesses the power to treat many health complications when practised with dedication and regularly. Some of the yoga asanas that improves heart health are: Tadasana - the mountain pose, Vrikshasana -the tree pose, Trikonasana-the triangle pose, Bhujangasana-the cobra pose, etc. These yogic postures improve heart health by lowering blood pressure and levels of bad cholesterol, improving heart rate and health.
  • Say No To Junk Foods - Too much of anything is never good. It is found in many studies that consuming too much junk food causes premature heart diseases. Junk food tends to contain, too much oil, salt and spices. Also, have low nutrient value and too much saturated fats. Junk food causes obesity in people and thus make the heart to function improperly.
  • Prefer DASH Diet - As per the health experts and U.S news of the best diet list, DASH diet tops the list. This diet not only helps to lose weight but also improves the overall health of the person. Choosing DASH diet could be a good decision as it protects the heart, and for this fact, it is promoted by the National Institutes of Health (NIH). This diet is consists of a variety of food items from various groups on daily basis and is determined by sex, age and activity level. Consult your dietician today, to get the diet right for your health. Also, say a big "No to Smoking" as it affects heart rate and there always remains the chance of heart attack.
  • Quick Fact 4:Do you know what is the survival rate of the patients after heart transplant surgery? You will be astounded to know that after a successful heart transplant operation; 88% of the patients tend to survive only the first year of the surgery. While 75% of the patients tend to survive for 5 years and 56% of the patients survives for the next 10 years.

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When Heart Transplant is Required?

Unfortunately, in some of heart patients, where there are possible chances of heart failure, or where the heart got weakened and unable to pump blood, the heart is severely damaged, and also where the other treatment options have been failed to treat the heart conditions. In such conditions, the improper functioning heart is replaced by the healthier heart of the matching donor. However, not all patients are eligible for heart transplant surgery. Patients, in which heart transplant is not possible are:

  • Patients who are at an advanced age group and do not possess enough recovery ability required after the transplant operation.
  • Patients dealing with other medical conditions that could shorten their lifespan or had recently suffered from cancer.
  • Individual those who are unwilling to quit unhealthy practices like smoking, alcohol consumption, etc.
  • Quick Fact 5:As per the doctors, around 2 Lakhs heart patients in India requires heart transplant annually. And approximate 200 + hearts are donated annually and among which only a few can reach the patients timely. 

How Heart Transplant Cost in India is Determined?

Well, this is the fact that the price of heart organ in India or heart transplant in India price is one-tenth of the foreign countries over operation cost. But still, the price of heart transplant in India is costly than other medical treatment in India and also the human heart cost in India is much costly than other organ required for transplant. There are numbers of factors that determine the heart transplant surgery cost like the human heart cost in India, charges for organ recovery and transportation, surgeon and cardiologist fees, medical tests, medication, hospital stay, etc. However, the below list of heart transplant cost in India will help you to identify the cities, where heart transplant can be availed at affordable prices: 

Quick Fact 6:Do you know which city is the 'Health Capital of India'? It is Chennai, as this city has top multi-speciality and super-speciality hospitals across the entire city, where the treatment could be availed at a convenient price. And for this fact, around 45% of healthcare seeker are international in this city.

City Lowest Cost Average Cost Highest Cost Action

New Delhi