Heart Bypass Surgery Cost in India

The heart, however, it's a fist-size small body organ but is one of the vital organs that is responsible for the pumping blood to the entire body. But sometimes cardiac ailments arise because of unhealthy practices, which requires heart surgery to treat the diseases. Thus, we are going to discuss about the bypass surgery price in India, CABG cost in India or MICS CABG cost in India along with all the required details of the surgery.

Although, the heart bypass surgery does not promise to treat the cardiac health issue completely but helps to ease out the symptoms and many of the times saved patient life. Knowing most of the aspects of bypass surgery is helpful to avoid any complications in the future and getting prepared for the surgery both in terms of health and money. With the help of the list of price of heart bypass surgery at various places helps you estimate the idea of the money required for the surgery. Let us begin with an overview about heart bypass surgery.

What is Bypass Cost In India?

Unfortunately, in some of the patients, the heart is not able to receive the required amount of blood. In most cases, it is seen that clogged arteries restrict blood flow. However, this condition could be not treated entirely using heart bypass surgery but helps to ease the symptoms like shortness of breath and chest pain. In heart bypass surgery, a new pathway for blood flow is created by taking a blood vessel from the leg, arm or chest region. This medical procedure is also known as coronary artery bypass graft surgery or CABG surgery. These blood vessels grafted in the heart improves the blood flow in the most possible natural way. A patient might require more than one bypass depending on the numbers of arteries blocked. The CABG cost in India in the city like Mumbai can reach an average of 3,20,000 INR. Also, the average CABG cost in India could reach up to 2,22,000 INR in a city like Kolkata. The minimally invasive heart Surgery or the MICS CABG cost in India is cheaper as compared to western countries. In the capital city - New Delhi, the MICS CABG cost in India starts with 2,40,000 INR. 

Apart from the medical condition of blocked coronary arteries, there are other heart ailments for which heart bypass operation is performed. The CABG surgery is done in the patient having narrow arteries obstructing the blood flow. In the condition of artery blockage, where stent placement or angioplasty seems inappropriate, heart surgery is the only left option. Also, in emergencies like a heart attack where other treatment fails to respond, cardiac bypass surgery is performed to save the patient's life. The heart operation cost in India can be found as the lower price of 70,000 INR in a city like Bangalore and also high bypass cost in India could be seen in Pune crossing 3,00,000 INR.

With the onset of technological advancement in the healthcare sector, numerous things are possible. If we talk specifically about India, there are more than 5 crore people, those who suffer from health conditions. Heart diseases are also referred to as rich man disease because of their high treatment cost and it is fact that 70% of the population are unable to avail of high-cost heart treatment. You will be dazed to know that medical procedure termed "Natural Bypass' do also exist. Using medical procedures like Enhanced External Counterpulsation (EECP) and Artery Clearance Therapy (ACT), heart ailments like blockages in the heart, Myocardial Infarction, Angina, Coronary Heart Disease, and other heart diseases could be easily be treated naturally without any operation. In the pneumatically assisted natural bypass, a machine is used that increases the pressure at the root of the coronary arteries with no surgery requirement at all. The natural bypass therapy cost in India can reach above 1,00,000 INR. As this procedure takes more than 30 days for completion, this factor overall determines the natural bypass therapy cost in India. However, natural bypass therapy cost in India vary from city to city.

Heart Bypass Surgery Procedure - Things to Know

The CASG surgery is performed under general anaesthesia and the procedure can take 3 to 6 hours to end, which is eventually determined by the number of blocked arteries. To begin with the surgery, a long, narrow breathing tube is inserted in the oral region. This tube remained attached throughout the entire surgery from the ventilator and aid breathing to the patient. Usually, to perform heart bypass surgery a long incision is made in the chest region. Also, in order to keep a continuous flow of blood and oxygen throughout the body during the procedure, a heart-lung machine is used and is known as on-pump heart bypass surgery. Some heart surgeries are also performed on a functional beating heart and are usually very dangerous. The doctor uses special medical equipment that helps to keep the heart stable during the entire procedure, where the heart keeps moving. This procedure is called 'beating heart surgery' or 'off-pump surgery' and could not be done in all patient

The surgeon makes the incision in the chest region along the breastbone that leads to the ribcage and exposes the heart. After which, the heart-lung takes over the blood circulation in the entire surgery, as the heart is temporarily stopped using medication. Post this, the surgeon attaches a section of your healthy blood vessel taken from the chest wall, arm or leg region and creates a new pathway to allow the blood flow to the heart, depending on the heart disease.

The heart bypass could be also carried with a small incision known as MICS CABG surgery. This type of minimally invasive surgery is done with the help of advanced robotic technology along with video imagining. The MICS CABG cost in India can reach a maximum of 5,00,000 INR. Once, the new pathway is created for the blood to flow to the heart. The patient is disconnected from the heart-lung machine and the heartbeat is restored. Post the surgery the patient is not allowed to leave the hospital premises and is kept under observation in the intensive care unit. 

Many of the patients are concerned about the risk involved in heart bypass surgery. The heart bypass could involve complication during or after the surgery. The patient could face bleeding, heart attack or stroke and could even experience irregular heart rhythm. Other complications like kidney problems, memory loss and clear thinking issues are also found in patients. The risk depends on the health condition of the patient. The heart bypass operation done in the emergency situation are more likely to experience these types of complications. The heart operation cost in India is also directly proportional to the time taken by the person to recover.

The scenario after the surgery will be entirely different. You need to follow healthy ways to have a long and disease-free life. You need to follow the guidelines provided by the cardiologist and would need to take medicines at times without fail. The patients are advised to keep stress at bay as it affects the blood circulation to the heart badly. Also, they are asked to maintain a healthy weight and exercise regularly (exercises should be approved and consulted by a medical practitioner before performing). After the heart bypass surgery patient had to quit smoking and follow healthy eating habits by following a specialized diet called the DASH diet.

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How Much Successful Heart Bypass Surgery Is?

This is one of the most commonly asked questions. After all, the surgery involves risk and is so much costly which make it obvious that the patient would like to figure out its success rates. As per the studies conducted by the team of experts, it has been found that bypass surgery is found to be 98 % successful and can ease out the symptoms to a great extent. High advanced method of performing heart bypass surgery using robot has shown reduced mortality rate and increased success rates. After performing the bypass surgery, improved and smooth blood flow is seen in the patient and are not likely to develop the symptoms again before time-period of 10 to 15 years.

Heart Operation Cost in India

The bypass surgery price in India is determined by several factors like government or private hospital opted, robotic or human-based surgery, surgeon or cardiologist fees, medication, etc. The cost of bypass surgery are however are affordable in the government hospitals but on the other hand, patients had to compromise with some health care facilities. Apart from this, the bypass cost in India varies from city to city. It could be available at an average of 2,35,000 INR in Kolkata and the surgery price reach above 8,00,000 INR in Hyderabad. Having in-depth knowledge about the prices in various cities helps to avail the surgery at a convenient cost along with the best healthcare facilities.

List of Heart Bypass Surgery Price in India Based on Cities
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New Delhi