Heart Bypass Surgery Cost in India

The heart, however, it's a fist-size small body organ but is one of the vital organs that is responsible for the pumping blood to the entire body. But sometimes cardiac ailments arise because of unhealthy practices, which requires heart surgery to treat the diseases. Knowing most of the aspects of bypass surgery is helpful to avoid any complications in the future and getting prepared for the surgery both in terms of health and money. Here you will get all details about a heart surgery cost in India.

Heart Bypass Surgery Procedure - Things to Know

The CABG surgery is performed under general anaesthesia and the procedure can take 3 to 6 hours to end, which is eventually determined by the number of blocked arteries. To begin with the surgery, a long, narrow breathing tube is inserted in the oral region.

The CABG surgery is performed under general anaesthesia and the procedure can take 3 to 6 hours to end, which is eventually determined by the number of blocked arteries. To begin with the surgery, a long, narrow breathing tube is inserted in the oral region.

What Is Bypass Surgery?

Unfortunately, in some of the patients, the heart is not able to receive the required amount of blood. In most cases, it is seen that clogged arteries restrict blood flow. However, this condition could be not treated entirely using heart bypass surgery but helps to ease the symptoms like shortness of breath and chest pain. In heart bypass surgery, a new pathway for blood flow is created by taking a blood vessel from the leg, arm or chest region. This medical procedure is also known as coronary artery bypass graft surgery or CABG surgery. These blood vessels grafted in the heart improves the blood flow in the most possible natural way. A patient might require more than one bypass depending on the numbers of arteries blocked.

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Heart Operation Cost in India

The very reason of complexity of the surgery, makes it more expensive. It is usually performed by a CTVS also known as Cardiothoracic Surgeon. The bypass surgery price in India is dependent on factors like government or private hospital opted, robotic or human-based surgery, surgeon or cardiologist fees, medication, city etc. The cost of bypass surgery is however more affordable in the government hospitals but on the other hand, patients had to compromise with some health care facilities. Apart from this, the bypass cost in India varies from city to city. It could be available at an average of 2,35,000 INR in Hyderabad and the surgery price reach above 5,00,000 INR Chennai. Having in-depth knowledge about the prices in various cities helps to avail the surgery at a convenient cost along with the best healthcare facilities.

The minimally invasive heart Surgery or the MICS CABG cost in India is cheaper as compared to western countries. In the capital city - New Delhi, the MICS CABG cost in India starts with 2,40,000 INR. This is mainly due to the reason amount of time taken is less as compared to open heart. But it requires very costly equipment’s and very few doctors only in India are skilled to use such equipment’s.


The scientific name for this is Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting. So as the name suggests, it means creating an alternate route for passing the blood to the heart. This is usually done when the arteries get thinner due to deposits and plaques, making it difficult for the blood-carrying oxygen to pass through the arteries.

A bypass surgery is a major surgery that will require 3-4 hrs for the procedure to be performed. Under this, the surgeon creates an alternate blood vessel route to carry oxygen via blood to the heart. The surgeon will take healthy blood vessels from the leg, chest or arm and graft it onto the blocked or narrowed artery. This ensures sufficient blood supply to the heart. 

The number of bypass grafts required depends upon the patient's condition. The procedure is done under general Anaesthesia and the patient is usually connected to a heart & lung machine during the surgery. After the Surgery, the patient is closely monitored in ICU for 2-3 days before getting shifted to the ward

Yes, Bypass Surgery is the same as Open heart surgery.

Typically bypass surgery is prescribed when a patient's arteries cannot be reopened by the stenting procedure. Any blockage of more than 70% may require medical intervention and the patient should seek a clinician’s advice. 

Bypass is usually prescribed when

  1. High Blockage  - If the arteries carrying blood are critically blocked or narrowed then it may require bypass surgery, and stenting may not help.
  2. Pain- If a person feels pain in and around the heart region then it is called Heart Angina pain. 
  3. Emergency- During an emergency the doctors may have to perform immediate CABG/ bypass surgery.  
  4.  Main Artery is blocked- The left artery which is the main artery may be blocked, requiring bypass surgery. Or in case if multiple blockages in the same artery cannot be removed by stenting hence a cardiac bypass need to be performed.

The total time taken depends upon the patient's condition and the doctor's performance. Many doctors may take up to 7 hrs to perform the surgery due to complicated cases. But on average it takes around 3-4 hrs to perform a surgery.

Post-surgery patients are kept under medical observation. The patient is first shifted to the post-OT room and then moved to ICU for the next 2-3 days. Post that shifted to the ward for another 2-3 days stay.

Usually, a patient is discharged from the hospital if no complications within 6-7 days. 

Mostly patients complain of pain immediately after getting back to their senses which can be easily managed by painkillers. After discharge also the patient may have little pain until the wound is fully healed. 

Often patients lose blood during the surgery and hence feel weak or tired hence it is normal and the patient should strictly follow the diet prescribed to get back to normal immediately.

Patients may be prescribed physiotherapy as movement may be a challenge also lifting heavy weights extra is prohibited. 

Most patients are counseled to quit smoking and change to a healthy lifestyle.

It can take up to 2 months to fully recover. However, most patients feel comfortable doing routine activities within 4-5 weeks. No heavy strenuous activities are prescribed at least for 6 months.

Heart Bypass surgery cost depends upon which hospital is chosen, and the condition of the patient. The average for India and average heart bypass surgery would cost as low as 3-4 lacs but can be higher. This is where Shub Health helps you to determine the exact cost using our patented technology of calculators.

Yes, Chest Pain is normal after bypass surgery

Sure Bypass surgery can be avoided depending upon the doctor’s advice. Not all patients having problems with narrowing or blocked arteries require bypass. 

Healthy lifestyle and eating habits as early as life is better

Heart Bypass surgery is a major surgery and like any other major surgery, there can be complications. But the success rates of heart bypass surgery are very high with favorable outcomes.

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