Fistula Surgery Cost in India

What Is Fistula And Its Symptoms?

The medical term 'Fistula' is used to define the abnormal attachment of two organs or vessels, which should not be attached and commonly occurs around the anus. This is also generally referred to as 'Anal Fistula', which in most cases results in the infection occurring in the muscular opening of the anus.

Fistula -Diagnosis and Treatment

By diagnosing the symptoms an early stage, health ailment can be cured timely. Thus you should never wait for a health condition to get worse, instead, reach out to a health expert so that they can diagnose and treat the illness timely. The below mentioned technique helps to diagnose the fistula easily:

  • Endoscopic Ultrasound: This method is generally preferred to check the issues with the gastrointestinal tract in depth. With the help of high-frequency sound waves, the physician could check the sphincter muscle, and could also identify the fistula and tissue surrounding the same.
  • Fistulography: Another method to diagnose Fistula, includes fistulography. This method helps the physician to get the image of the fistula using an X-ray. To attain the x-image in this process, a contrast solution is injected into the patient body at the time of obtaining images.
  • MRI: It is among the best imaging modality to carry the preoperative assessment so that accurate information could be gained for treatment. MRI can help the doctor with a detailed image of the fistula whether the pelvic region or any tumour gets detected.

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Types Of Fistula Treatment available in India?

The various treatment option available to treat fistula. This will also help to conclude the fistula surgery success rate in India.

  • Fistulotomy: This patient is administrated with anaesthesia before operating for Fistula using the fistulotomy technique. A cut is made and the small canal is opened where the infection is developed and fistula is identified. Thus the infected area is removed along with pus and other fluids. This procedure might take hours to get completed and is invasive.
  • VAAFT: Video-Assisted Anal Fistula Treatment (VAAFT), as the name suggests, the complete procedure is carried with video assistance. If we talk about, VAAFT surgery success rate in India, it is currently 76% in India thus it is considered for treating perianal abscesses.
  • Laser Fistula treatment: The thought of surgery is no doubt is enough to afraid anyone when especially pain is considered. We are talking about laser fistula treatment; this modern surgery technique helps to get rid of the fistula, under this surgery no cuts are made on the body & it is blood-less & painless . This is one of the most common minimal invasive surgery done.

Cost of Fistula Surgery in India

The cost of Fistula surgery mostly depends on a few factors

  • Hospital - A private corporate hospital will charge little higher over other smaller private hospitals and government hospitals, as they provide high quality service along with good medical care. Most of the government medical centres are already handling huge demand
  • City - Major metro cities have higher rates, due to high fixed cost, but it may not hold true across, some of the smaller cities with dearth of medical professional and good hospital Private hospitals may charge very high rates for simple procedures.
  • Age of Patient
  • Co morbidity – Any pre-existing disease like Diabetes or High blood pressure or any cardiac / Kidney ailments makes the surgery more complex

An Average a Fistula surgery can cost anywhere around Rs. 40,000- 90,000 across India for Private hospitals. The cost is much less in Government hospitals, most of the hospitals treatment is free or at minimal charge basis around Rs 10,000-12,000.