Circumcision Treatment Cost in India

If you are the parent of a child or the adult itself to be undergone circumcision. Thinking about it could make your night sleepless with worries and unstopping concern bombarding your mind. Why not it be? At last, it is a matter of your health.

We do understand that you are looking for circumcision cost in India. We also understand that how important is for you to know about each and every detail linked with this procedure along with circumcision price in India. Thus, we had brought all the details related to circumcision along with circumcision cost India like cost of laser circumcision in India, circumcision operation cost in India, ZSR circumcision price in India or cost of ZSR circumcision in India, adult circumcision cost in India, partial circumcision cost in India, laser circumcision cost in India, circumcision fees in India, etc. Let us begin with a brief about this treatment.

What is Circumcision?

Circumcision is a medical procedure, using which the foreskin, which basically is a tissue covering the head of the penis is removed. The foreskin could be either be partially removed or fully removed to expose the tip of the penis. There are numerous ways for performing circumcision from ZSR circumcision to using the advanced laser circumcision method. The type of method largely determines circumcision fees in India.

*The details of circumcision cost India using ZSR and laser is mentioned in separate reference the same.

Medical reasons to Choose Circumcision

  • To minimize the risk of UTI (urinary tract infection). The newborn has a 10 times lower risk of getting UTI in his first year of birth.
  • Risk of getting the infection under the foreskin is reduced.
  • It make it easier to keep genital hygiene keep on the check.
  • It lowers down the risk of cancer of the penis.
  • It will possibly reduce the chances of getting sexually transmitted diseases (STI) also female to male transmission of HIV to a greater extent.
  • Health ailment like balanoposthitis (inflammation of the glans and foreskin) and balanitis (inflammation of the glans) could be prevented.

Cons of Circumcision Treatment

  • Many parents might not go ahead with circumcision treatment as they consider avoiding non-essential surgery creating complications.
  • Removal of the foreskin in some could cause reduced sensitivity at the tip of the penis.
  • It can reduce sexual pleasure in both partners life in future.
  • Some can experience disfigurement issue.
  • Long recovery time frame like 3 to 6 weeks (depending on the method of circumcision).
  • In some people, there is a higher risk of meatitis (Inflammation at the opening of the penis).
  • Risks as injury to the penis is always there.
  • Excessive pain, during or post-surgery. However, anaesthesia and pain killers are provided.
  • Excessive bleeding could occur during or after the procedure.
  • Removal of foreskin could result in irritation at the tip of the penis, etc.

Opting out good hospital providing reliable medical facilities with convenient circumcision cost India or affordable cost of laser circumcision in India lowers the risk of health complications.

*Cost of laser circumcision in India and a list of circumcision cost in India is covered in a separate section.

Partial Circumcision - Overview

Generally, in circumcision, the topmost portion of the foreskin is removed which results in the penis tip being exposed. Circumcision might be done because of personal, health or religious reasons, this is basically considered as full circumcision. But in the case of partial circumcision, only there is the removal of a part of the foreskin. Usually, it is done for aesthetic purpose or health ailment. Doctors could ask for partial circumcision to treat issues like phimosis that could not be treated using steroid ointments or creams. This method involves some complications like bleeding, infection, excessive pain, also stitches might be not dissolved and issues like balanitis and phimosis could reoccur which could require complete foreskin tissue removal.

Partial circumcision cost in India as compare to full circumcision cost in India is cheaper and affordable. Even though the partial circumcision cost in India is cheaper than the full circumcision price in India but most of the time it there remains complications chances in the future. After partial circumcision, the adult gets recovered in 6 weeks and it takes 7 to 10 days for a baby's penis to get recovered.

Circumcision fees in India for partial and full both are affordable. However, it is always advised to always think before you act. A deep dive into things could help you a lot. We do understand this, thus here you are going to get most of the details related to procedure along with circumcision operation cost in India.

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What is ZSR Circumcision?

Circumcision could be done by various techniques, one among them is ZSR. ZSR Circumcision involves the removal of the foreskin of the penis using the stapler. As it is considered as one of the blood-less and stitch-less techniques of circumcision thus it is the most preferred method to carry out in newborns and small children. This advanced method is more efficient, less painful and less time-consuming than other techniques. Also, the cost of ZSR circumcision in India is very convenient.

How is ZSR Circumcision Done?

The ZSR circumcision treatment is done by a medical expert. To begin with the procedure, the entire penile area is properly clean and draped in order to avoid any risk of infection. Then the patient is given local anaesthesia in the concerned area so that patient does not feel anything during the procedure. If required, general anaesthesia is also given, in which the patient is asleep during the entire procedure. Also, in the case of general anaesthesia, the patient is not allowed to leave hospital premises before 24 hours.

After giving anaesthesia to the patient, the medical expert inserts a safety rod over the penis but under its foreskin carefully. Post this, the safe ZSR stapler is placed over the same rod and pressed and kept as it is for about 2-3 minutes to avail a clean cut. Also using the same stapler, a silicon ring is placed around the penis, which autonomously falls off after a period of 12 to 14 days. After this, the rod and stapler are removed. The doctor compresses the penis so as to check for any bleeding instances. After completion of bandage, the patient is allowed to go home after giving instructions of do's and don'ts to follow post-procedure. ZSR Circumcision is that as simple and takes around 5-10 minutes to get completed.

Common FAQ's about ZSR Circumcision in India

1. Is the ZSR technique is better as compared to other traditional technique?

Yes, the ZSR circumcision technique is far better as compared to other techniques as it is completely stitchless, bloodless, no scar is left and also the entire procedure could be done in minutes. Thus, ZSR circumcision cost in India varies from other technique based circumcision charges in India.

2. How frequently does the dressing is required to be changed? Also, if oil could be used to heal the wound?

Changing the dressing is very important. It is required to be done with a period of  3 days or as advised by your medical practitioner. Also, it's a big No! for using any oil or any over-the-treatment medicine or ointment not prescribed by the doctor for the recovery.

3. What is the ZSR circumcision price in India?

The cost of ZSR circumcision in India could reach above 27,500 INR. ZSR circumcision cost in India depends on several factors like the type of hospital chosen which contributes to the maximum percentage for the ZSR circumcision price in India. Other factors including fees of the medical practitioner, medicines, follow-up after the medical procedure also affect ZSR circumcision cost in India.

4. How long does it require to be sexually inactive after circumcision?

After the circumcision, it is recommended to not involve in any kind of sexual activity for 3 to 4 weeks. As it might have an adverse effect on the delicate skin and could leave scars behind. Adult circumcision cost in India could go above 42,000 INR as the procedure becomes riskier in adult. Thus, adult circumcision cost in India is much high as compared to ZSR circumcision price in India for children or newborn.

Laser Circumcision At Glance

India is home to affordable healthcare and has done many advancements in the medical arena in the past few years. Can you imagine any circumcision after which you can instantly resume working? Yes, it does exist now. Thanks to laser circumcision techniques, which promises painless and infection-free procedures. This advanced method does not require any cuts or wounds and is completely blood-less. The patient does not need to rest for 3 to 4 weeks like other techniques. They can resume their work a few hours after the procedure.

This procedure helps to get rid of all types of penis foreskin related issues. Also using this procedure, the fertility of the individual is not affected at all. This advanced procedure does not leave any scar behind. However, laser circumcision cost in India is costly as compared to circumcision charges in India that involves other techniques. The overall cost of laser circumcision cost in India can above 40,000 INR. Price of circumcision in India using laser is costly as compared to other technique but is more efficient than other methods.

What is Circumcision Treatment Cost In India?

Circumcision treatment cost in India could start with a minimum of 5,000 INR and can go above 90,000 INR. Circumcision price in India depends on various things like the method of the circumcision treatment, location, medical facilities opted, etc. Circumcision fees in India are more affordable as compared to western countries like the UK, USA, etc. Price of circumcision in India varies from state to state. In cities like Pune, circumcision charges in India are like minimum 5,000 INR can in cities like Bangalore, circumcision operation cost in India can go a maximum of 1,00,000 INR.

List of Circumcision Treatment Price in India Based on Cities

City Lowest Cost Average Cost Highest Cost Action

New Delhi