Breast Reduction Surgery Cost in India

For females, physical attractiveness along with facial beauty is a matter of utmost consideration. From the mid-seventeenth century onwards, various beauty enhancement procedures seem turned over a new leaf. When it comes to traits defining women attractiveness, breast size is one of the most considered morphological traits that are associated with defining charm. By having an ideal size breast one can lead a confident and quality life. However, in some of the females, big breasts cause physical distress; it could be caused by overdevelopment or growth milk or adrenal tissues. The condition of having large breasts is termed as macromastia. Heavy breast not only affects the physical appearance but also causes pain and other physical problem too. Thanks to the availability of breast reduction surgery medical procedure that helps women diagnosed with Macromastia attain proportionate breast dimensions that alleviates the physical distress and thus gaining self-confidence. This is why knowing about breast size reduction surgery cost in India or liposuction breast reduction price in India along the procedure is equally important. Thus, today we are going to discuss the procedure and breast reduction price in India and also about the city where breast reduce surgery cost in India is highest or city where breast reduction surgery price in India can be availed at an affordable price. Let us begin with understanding the ideal size of the breast.

Does Your Breast Have The Right Size?

A survey from America and Europe had revealed that men are attracted more to females having the ideal breasts size. The pool of survey data had revealed that 60% of men and 54% of women found that average-sized breasts are more attractive. So the question is that what's the ideal size of the female breast. People who participated in the survey had found women having a 'C cup size' have ideal breast. However, there is no size that gets fits for all types of body shapes. Usually, females have 4 standard body shapes thus the ideal size of the breast is the one that seems proportionate with overall body shape. So wondering that what's your body shape and what breast size is just the right for you? Knowing about the body shapes is important to figure out if your breasts have the right size.

  • Apple shaped body: Female, who had the almost same size of shoulder and hips and had apple shape, i.e. hips are smaller than the chest of about six-inch is defined as an apple-shaped body. Thus, fuller and sizable breasts are ideal for apple-shaped body types.
  • Pear shaped body: As the name suggests this type of shape resembles pear-shaped body proportions, i.e. the hips are wider than the shoulder and chest. Thus females having pear-shaped bodies if have a moderate size of the breast it complements the hips and waist and thus elevates the physical appearance.
  • Hourglass shaped body: Those who do have an hourglass-shaped body are lucky as it is considered as one of the forms of beauty standard and does have a proportional upper and lower body. If your shoulder and hip have the almost same size and if your waistline is smaller than your shoulder and hip, then you are Hourglass body shaped and if you have breast size ranging from small to moderate, you got the ideal breasts size with nothing to worry about. 
  • Rectangle shaped body: With the name itself, you can probably guess that the female having rectangle body shape has uniform upper and lower body proportions and thus do not have a well-defined waistline. Thus if you have rectangle shaped body and does have fuller breast, they are ideal. As the fuller size breast adds a noticeable curve to a rectangular shaped body.

What to Do if My Breasts Are Too Big For My Body?

Macromastia - the condition of having bigger breasts not only affects the physical appearance of the body but causes discomfort and affects the quality of life too. But in today's developed era, medical solution for this condition does exist. There are two ways to get rid of these conditions:

  • Shedding Some Kilos: When you gain weight, the fat in the body is distributed across the entire body. Thus by following a healthy lifestyle to shed those extra kilos can prove beneficial. Doing exercise, eating healthy along with avoiding oily, salty and sweet containing food items helps to reduce weight thus the size of the breast comes back to normal along with the shedding of fat from the overall body. Apart from this, doing exercise and maintaining ideal weight helps to prevent sagging of the breast and premature mammary gland ptosis (dropping of breast tissues). 
  • Breast Reduction Surgery: Now removal of excessive fat and breast tissue is possible using Breast Reduction Surgery. It is found that patients having large breasts complains of pain in the shoulder, neck and back area along with discomfort, shortness of breath and headaches that can be relieved by reduction procedure. So if you are seeking breast removal surgery cost in India or breast reduction surgery price in India you should know about the various procedure using which the surgery could be done. As the breast reduction price in India depends on the method of medical procedure, different procedures do have different cost like liposuction breast reduction price in India is different than horizontal scar technique breast size reduction surgery cost in India, T incision breast reduction surgery price in India, etc. Let us know about these procedures one by one. 

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Breast Reduction Surgery Techniques

If you are having macromastia, breast reduction surgery is the ultimate solution for you to alleviate the physical distress, pain, accomplishing ideal breast size along with the enhancement of self-confidence. There are various medical procedures using which the breast reshaping can be done:

  • Lipectomy (Liposuction-only) technique: This breast reduction surgery is suitable for the female who is looking forward to a slight to moderate reduction of breasts. It's a minimally invasive medical procedure and takes less time compared to other procedures. Also, after the procedure there will undetectable scars and thus is the most commonly considered procedure for breast reduction. The liposuction breast reduction price in India can reach a price maximum of INR 230000. 
  • Inverted-T incision: The inverted-T incision breast reduction surgery procedure is also called 'Anchor breast reduction', which is generally considered to remove access fat and breast tissues with the involvement of three incisions. Using this technique breast reshaping can be achieved with maximum results and proven effective in macromastia and gigantomastia cases. If you are looking for a city where breast removal surgery cost in India can be done under INR 50,000; cities like Kolkata and Hyderabad are best to be considered. 
  • Free Nipple-Graft method: Gigantomastia is a rare condition that occurs in females. In this type of medical condition, excessive breast growth is seen in patients, which might occur spontaneously with the effect of certain medications, during pregnancy or puberty. To treat such conditions; the free nipple-graft method is considered as the patient has inverted nipples along with fatty breasts. Also, it is considered for severe macromastia. This breast reduction surgery comes along with disadvantages like hypo-pigmentation in nipple-areola, inability to breastfeed and even loss of nipple sensation. In a capital city like New Delhi, breast removal surgery cost in India starts with a minimal price of INR 10000. Also, breast reduction surgery price in India capital city New Delhi, can reach above INR 2,00,000. 
  • Vertical Scar technique: Vertical scar breast reduction surgery also known as lollipop incision and so because this procedure is use to remove small volumes of tissues for smaller areas. This mammoplasty procedure leaves only small incision scars. This minimally invasive procedure helps the surgeon to remove extra skin, fat and breast tissues. If you are looking for affordable breast reduce surgery cost in India; Pune city will be best to consider. As breast size reduction surgery cost in India starts with a minimum of INR 52727 and can be availed in Pune.
  • Horizontal Scar technique: As the name suggests this medical technique is carried across inframammary fold horizontally and is found helpful in eliminating vertical scars thus ends up with an 'unoperated look' after the surgery. The scar can be easily be concealed by the junction of the breast skin and areolar skin. This technique is also used to treat Gynecomastia conditions, i.e. enlargement of male breasts. The male breast reduction price in India ranges between INR 60,000 to 1,00,000.

Diagnosis And Procedure Of Breast Reduction Surgery 

After we know, different techniques to reduce large breasts, it is equally important to know about its diagnosis and how the entire procedure is carried out. So if we talk about, how the large breast conditions are being diagnosed? The female patient sometimes complains about body pose issues, neck and back pain along with skin discomforts or painful indentations departing of the bra straps are among the signs of macromastia conditions. Thus to be sure these symptoms are evaluated by taking pictures, measuring the size and contour along with positioning of nipples and areola and skin quality. Also, in some scenarios, doctors prefer a mammogram before heading for surgery. 

The procedure of breast reduction surgery is carried under general anaesthesia and can take up to 3 to 5 hours. Following the procedure, you might ask to wear a compression or surgical bra to reduce swelling. Thus factors like tests and diagnostic processes, surgeon fees, treatment choices, medicine, etc affect breast reduce surgery cost in India.