ACL Surgery Cost in India

Are you concerned about the ACL test cost in India? Then you are absolutely at the right place. Along with ACL surgery price in India or ACL reconstruction cost in India, you are also going to get the details regarding ACL surgery. Numerous questions might be coming into your mind like: What is ACL surgery? Where anterior cruciate ligament tear surgery cost in India can be done at a convenient price? or In which city, ACL ligament surgery cost in India is high? Are any risk involved in this operation? etc. There can be more queries and we understand that how important it is to have all the necessary information when it comes to health. Thus, we have come up with all the required information so that you can be prepared well for ACL ligament surgery. Let us begin with an overview of the ACL operation.

What is ACL Reconstruction?

ACL stands for Anterior cruciate ligament, which is a major ligament of the knee. Ligaments are basically strong bands of tissue and their function is to attach one bone to the other. The ACL helps to stabilize the knee joint by connecting the thigh bone to the shinbone. This ligament could get injured and torn due to sports, accident, etc. And this torn and damaged ligament is then removed and replaced. Yes, you guess it right. This whole process is referred to as ACL reconstruction, where the torn tissue is replaced by a graft tendon, which connects the muscle to bone. This graft could be either be taken from the patient body or donor. The anterior cruciate ligament surgery cost in India could be high as 9,00,000 INR in a capital city like Delhi. However, the average ACL reconstruction cost in India could 27,500 INR in Chandigarh. The ACL repair cost in India depends on many factors, we will discuss the same later.

What Can Lead To ACL Surgery?

Coming back to reasons that lead to ACL injuries. The ACL could be torn and damaged while doing a workout or during playing any sport. Some activities that could cause stress on the knee and ultimately resulting in the ligament like:

  • If you landed from the jump, incorrectly without safety.
  • Sudden stoppage in the midway of activity like running.
  • If received a direct blow to the knee.
  • Practicing cutting, i.e. sudden slowing down and changing the direction.
  • Pivoting done with the foot when firmly planted.
  • Fall while participating in speed motor racing tournaments.
  • If unfortunately met accident affecting the knee.

There is no need to worry, as not all situation demands operation. Life is full of risks, prevention and a high spirit are all required to live life beautifully. The specialist that performs the ACL is an orthopaedic surgeon and the orthopaedic surgeon will only recommend the ACL operation after medical imaging diagnostic test and if:

  • The patient had a meniscus is torn, which requires repair.
  • An athlete wants to continue the sport that involves activities like jumping, pivoting or cutting.
  • The patient suffers injury in more than one ligament
  • The patient is very young and having knee instability.

Symptoms Of ACL Injury And Its Diagnosis

If something goes wrong with your health, our body alerts us with certain symptoms. By knowing the symptoms helps us to identify the injury or health issue early. Hence, consulting the right physician helps to treat the things with the time in health. One should never ignore the symptoms and need to know the causes so that one can fit and healthy. So when the ACL is torn, apart from the popping noise in the knees, many symptoms will help us to identify the ACL injury. The most common symptoms signalling the ACL rupture are:

  • Trouble in Walking - One of the most common symptoms of ACL rupture is not able to walk properly. It will feel painful to put pressure on your legs, especially on the knee region.
  • Severe Pain - Another symptom to identify the anterior cruciate ligament tear or injury is severe pain in the knee region. You will not able to put pressure on your knee or will be not able to do any strenuous activities like jumping, running, etc.
  • Swelling - If the ACL will be torn, there will be pain and thus there will be swelling. It could be in the knee or leg. However, it is suggested to not avoid wait for the swelling to disappear instead consult the doctor. Because the condition could get worse if delayed.
  • Less Movement - If any person's ACL is ruptured then all movements could not be done. There is will less motion as the person will be unable to put pressure on the knee thus will be not able to move properly.

Diagnosis for ACL Injury

After recognizing the symptoms of the ACL rupture, you need to consult an Orthopedic doctor. The Orthopedician will undergo a clinical examination of the knee. As per the outcomes and history of the injury, the doctor could as the patient undergo an X-Ray or MRI. Also, the patient is advised for pivot shift test, anterior drawer test, or Lachman test as per the condition and eventually determines the ACL test cost in India. The average ACL test cost in India is 3500 INR.

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Frequently Asked Questions for ACL Injury

Which types of graft are used for ACL reconstruction?

There are basically 2 types of grafts that are used for ACL reconstruction operation, which is also one of the factors determining ACL reconstruction cost in India. In ACL reconstruction, autograft and allograft are used. The autograft is usually the tendons extracted from the patient body. Allograft is also the tendons but are taken by the perished giver. Depending on the graft the ACL repair cost in India can reach above 1,00,000 INR.

If ACL surgery does involve any risk?

The medical surgeries are promoted with precautions but still there always remains any. However, the surgery is completely safe. But in some rare cases, complications like blood thickening, harm to vessels, knee pain or stiffness in exceptional cases issue may occur to join the ligament.

I am a sports person, how long does it take for things to get normal after ACL surgery? After ACL surgery, the patient will be not allowed to indulge in sports activities. However, after a gap of 8 to 12 months when no complications are seen, the patient can rejoin the sports but with some precautions.

Do I need to avail physical therapy for recovery after ACL?

Yes, the physician greatly recommends physical therapy as when successful anterior cruciate ligament surgery along with focused rehabilitation helps to improve flexibility and restore stability.

Which exercises are helpful after ACL surgery?

After the ACL operation, the patient is required is to do physical exercises like ankle pumps, heel sides, knee extension, ankle pumps, heel raises, hamstring stretches, etc.

Where ACL surgery cost in India is convenient?

The anterior cruciate ligament surgery cost in India starts from 94,550 INR in Kolkata. Apart from Kolkata, in cities like Jaipur, Gurgaon, Ghaziabad, Mumbai the ACL surgery price is quite affordable than other cities.

What Is ACL Ligament Surgery Cost In India?

When the anterior cruciate ligament surgery cost in India is compared to the western countries, it is more affordable. India is setting examples in the healthcare sectors with cost-effective treatment. In America, the operation for ACL starts from $20,000 onwards whereas, ACL ligament surgery cost in India starts from $3,500. That's a huge difference. Thus, not only Indians but also many tourists come here to avail themselves of top-class health facilities at a convenient price.

The ACL repair cost in India and ACL test cost in India differs in private and government hospitals. However, where there is a lower ACL surgery price in India in a government hospital on the other hand there the faculties are minimized. The orthopaedic surgeon fees contribute to the overall anterior cruciate ligament tear surgery cost in India to a greater extent. The ACL surgery cost in India could reach above 1,50,000 INR when operated by the top orthopaedic surgeon of India like Dr. Rakesh Rajput, Dr. Ashok Rajgopal, Dr. Vikram Shah, Dr. Bharat Modi or others. Apart from this, the type of healthcare facilities opted, medication, anaesthesia cost, post-surgery follow-ups, etc. also contributes to the overall price of the anterior cruciate ligament tear surgery cost in India. Here is the list of ACL surgery price in India in various cities so that you can compare and find the one as per your budget:

City Lowest Cost Average Cost Highest Cost Action

New Delhi