1. Hernia & Kidney Disease 

Precautions and the Current Situation in India. Government Initiatives. Cost of Renal/Kidney Transplant In India



      2.  Treatment &  Surgery Cost In India

Step by Step Guide for patients. Things to be kept in mind while opting for surgery. Patient Finance Counselling of bill by Hospital. Why the cost of surgery in Private hospital and Government hospital so different 



      3. Master Health Checkup - The new Fashion of the era

Who should get it done? From where to get it done.  A brief history of health checkups. & why to not blindly follow the crowd. Next Action            



       4. Medical Bills In India

Hospital Bills decoded. What to watch for while seeing a Hospital bill. Why Should hospitals be the only ones blamed?  Need for Greater Transparency in Healthcare 



        5.  Hospitals & Healthcare

What happened to the hospital . Why the loss of trust