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Open Heart Surgery Vs Bypass Surgery

We often hear these two terms that someone got an open heart surgery done or someone saying I got my Bypass surgery done, and despite working in the hospital sector for so many years I never actually understood the difference between Open Heart Surgery Vs Bypass surgery. 

Basically, heart bypass surgery is nothing but open-heart surgery. It is performed by a cardiothoracic surgeon who cut opens the heart and performs the surgery, it is called bypass because in this surgery the surgeon bypasses the existing arteries which are blocked or damaged and bypass the blood instead of existing arteries it redirects to a new set of arteries created which are harvested from another body part like the lower side of the leg mostly.

The surgery is usually considered more complex than Angioplasty which is a minimally invasive surgery (small invasion is done for surgery), in this, the chest is cut wide open usually the cut is around 6- 8 inches long.

A few patients do complain of little pain post the effects of anesthesia are over, but medication can alleviate the pain to a great extent.

Types of Open Heart Surgery

  • On Pump – Under this, the patient’s heart is put on a pump that keeps pumping the heart artificially during the surgery using a Heart & lung machine
  • Off-Pump Surgery – Under this the heart and lung keeps functioning as it is and the surgery is performed, this is relatively a newer technique and mostly preferred by the surgeon’s now

Unlike our general perception, India is one of the most sought places in terms of medical practitioners, even though technically we are a little behind the west, but our doctors have so much more exposure they do 1-2 cases per day, many doctors have record of 300- 350 surgeries per year. Hence we are seeing so high.

Cost of Open Heart/Bypass Surgery

Heart bypass surgery is a little expensive compared to Angioplasty, due to the complexity of the surgery and only specialized CTVS surgeons can perform this surgery.
The heart bypass surgery cost in India varies hugely by 2 things type of hospital and Bed type (cost estimates mentioned here are for General ward bed wherein 6-7 patients are there in one room).
Usually Northern part of the country the rates are more competitive compared to the southern and eastern parts a typical Heart bypass surgery cost in India would be around Rs 2.5 – 4 Lakhs.

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