Liver Transplant Cost in Hyderabad

Liver Transplant Cost in Hyderabad
Liver Transplant Cost in Hyderabad
Liver Transplant Cost in Hyderabad

An interesting fact even if 90% of the Liver is removed still it can grow back to normal size and then functional Liver can also perform the action needed for any daily routine body activities. The liver disease becomes an end-stage disease, which requires a transplant. Liver failure could happen either suddenly or could take a long period. The most common reason for liver failure is - Cirrhosis, which causes degeneration of liver cells, thickening of tissue and inflammation that leads to scarring and ultimately liver failure. This chronic liver is caused by Hepatitis B and C, genetic issues, alcoholic liver, fatty liver, etc. while looking at the final Liver transplant cost in Hyderabad. Post any Liver transplant surgery, doctor follow-ups, medication and initially frequent investigations cost is an added cost over and above the treatment cost for at least the next one year

You will be amazed to know that there are excellent outcomes of a liver transplant. It could increase the life span by more than 30 years after the surgery. the only challenge is the liver transplant cost in India makes it unaffordable for many

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Important things to Know Before Surgery

No of Days stay in Hospital: (14-21 days)

Hospital Accreditation : NABH, JCI

Anesthesia Type General Anesthesia

Department: HPB

Surgery Duration: 8Hrs – 12hrs.

Recovery Time: 5- 6 months

Use our Surgery calculator for cost Breakup
Things to do Before Surgery

Stop Smoking & Drinking

Stop Blood thinner & any routine medication (per Doctor Advice)

Wear comfortable clothes

Follow surgery diet (avoid Heavy & Oily food)

Ask a Friend or Family to accompany

Keep a folder with latest medical test & doctor reports, Insurance Card & Emergency contact

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Top Hospitals with affordable Liver Transplant cost in Hyderabad

KIMS- Krishna Institute of Medical Sciences


CARE Hospital

Hitech City

Yashoda Hospital


Gleneagles Global Hospital

Lakdi Ka Pul

Apollo Hospital

Jubilee Hills

Vrinchi Hospital

Banjara Hills

Life after Liver Transplant !

Post surgery recovery takes a long time, but eventually, you will be able to lead a normal life and perform all routine daily activities. Usuallly it takes around 50 -52 weeks to get fully recovered. Next One year after the surgery mostly have followups with the doctor and regular checkups.The quality of life starts to imporve considerably after few weeks. Few study indicate 75-80% of recipients live more than 5 years. With average Liver transplant cost in Hyderabad at 20 lacs , looks very promising for many acute liver failure patients to get a new lease of life