Laparoscopic Surgery Cost in Chennai

Laparoscopic Surgery Cost Chennai
Laparoscopic Surgery Cost Chennai
Laparoscopic Surgery Cost Chennai

Laparoscopy Cholecystectomy is a surgical diagnostic procedure to remove the Gall Bladder, which is widely preferred as it is Minimal Invasive Surgery (MIS), which tends to have low risks when compared to other operation methods, small incisions are made in the body for diagnostic laparoscopy. A long, thin tube that has high-intensity light along with the high-resolution camera, generally known as a laparoscope is inserted through an incision made in the body. The light and camera guide the doctor throughout the procedure and also help to avail the images of the concerned area. The images obtained are used for purpose of further diagnosis of the health disorder. This less painful method of surgery eliminates the requirement of open surgery and also helps in obtaining better results

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Our Objective is to continue servicing patients & Hospitals at the least sustainable cost! as we have no adminstrative cost , we currently work on Zero Comission Basis, all benefits received from Hospital shall be passed on to patients

Important things to Know Before Surgery

No of Days stay in Hospital: 1-3 Days

Hospital Accreditation : NABH, JCI

Anesthesia Type General Anaesthesia

Department: Gastroenterology

Surgery Duration: 1-2 hrs.*

Recovery Time: 6 weeks

Use our Surgery calculator for cost Breakup
Things to do Before Surgery

Stop Smoking & Drinking

Stop Blood thinner & any routine medication (per Doctor Advice)

Wear comfortable clothes

Follow surgery diet (avoid Heavy & Oily food)

Ask a Friend or Family to accompany

Keep a folder with latest medical test & doctor reports, Insurance Card & Emergency contact

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Top Hospitals for affordable Laparoscopic cholecystectomy cost in Chennai

All India Institute of Medical Sciences

Ansari Naga

Manipal Hospital


Fortis Hospital


MAX hospital


Indraprastha Apollo Hospital

Sarita Vihar

BLK Super speciality Hospital

Pusa Rd

Precautions after Laproscopic Cholecystectomy surgery !

  • Avoid any strenuous activities
  • Donot lift anything heavy as it may cause strain
  • Avoid heavy solids and start with Liquids only
  • Not to worry if feeling tired, most patients feels for few days post surgery, In case this persist beyong 7-10 days consult the doctor