Heart Transplant Cost in Pune

The heart is undeniable, the most important organ, which is responsible for sustaining life and acts as the body's engine room. It delivers the blood all around the body parts and delivers oxygen and essential nutrient via blood. You can also say that heart is the hardest-working organ of the human body, which weighs around 200 to 425 grams. It also pumps the deoxygenated blood to the lungs and oxygenated blood to the body parts. Now when you know about the role of the heart, thus you can presume well that risking heart health is, actually risking your life.

Unfortunately, in some of heart patients, where there are possible chances of heart failure, or where the heart got weakened and unable to pump blood, the heart is severely damaged, and also where the other treatment options have been failed to treat the heart conditions. In such conditions, the improper functioning heart is replaced by the healthier heart of the matching donor. However, not all patients are eligible for heart transplant surgery.

Important things to Know Before Surgery

No of Days stay in Hospital: (10-14 days)

Hospital Accreditation : NABH, JCI

Anesthesia Type General Anesthesia

Department: CTVS

Surgery Duration: 4 hrs – 8hrs

Recovery Time: 5- 6 months

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Things to do Before Surgery

Stop Smoking & Drinking

Stop Blood thinner & any routine medication (per Doctor Advice)

Wear comfortable clothes

Follow surgery diet (avoid Heavy & Oily food)

Ask a Friend or Family to accompany

Keep a folder with latest medical test & doctor reports, Insurance Card & Emergency contact

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