Bypass Surgery Cost In Hyderabad

Heart Bypass Surgery Cost In Hyderabad
Heart Bypass Surgery Cost In Hyderabad
Heart Bypass Surgery Cost In Hyderabad

For those patients whose more than 2 arteries are blocked or whose arteries cannot be opened using stenting procedure, In those cases heart bypass surgery is recommended, a new pathway for blood flow is created by taking a blood vessel from the leg, arm or chest region. This medical procedure is also known as coronary artery bypass graft surgery or CABG surgery. These blood vessels grafted in the heart improves the blood flow in the most possible natural way. A patient might require more than one bypass depending on the numbers of arteries blocked.

The operating time is around 6 -7 hrs & hence so is the cost of treatement , pls refer to our surgery cost calcuator to know the exact Bypass surgery cost in Hyderabad.

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Important things to Know Before Surgery

No of Days stay in Hospital: (7-8 days)

Hospital Accreditation : NABH, JCI

Anesthesia Type General Anesthesia

Department: Plastic Surgery

Surgery Duration: 3 Hrs – 6 hrs

Recovery Time: 25- 30 days

Use our Surgery calculator for cost Breakup
Things to do Before Surgery

Stop Smoking & Drinking

Stop Blood thinner & any routine medication (per Doctor Advice)

Wear comfortable clothes

Follow surgery diet (avoid Heavy & Oily food)

Ask a Friend or Family to accompany

Keep a folder with latest medical test & doctor reports, Insurance Card & Emergency contact

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Top Hospitals with affordable Bypass surgery cost in Hyderabad

KIMS Krishna Institute of Medical Sciences


Continental Hospital


CARE Hospital

Banjara Hills

Gleneagles Global Hospital


Apollo Hospital

Jubilee Hills

Can Heart Bypass surgery be avoided !

Bypass surgery cost in Hyderabad would be around Rs 3.5- 5 lacs with atleast 30-45 days of rest people would often neglect visiting a hospital or doctor , so it is important to know if you actualy need this surgery.few Symptoms mentioned below if persistent, may be that the heart is not pefroming at its best , if these conditions prevail even without doing any strenuous activity. one should immediately consult a doctor

  • Chest Pain
  • Feeling of indigestion usually at nights
  • Shortness of breath
  • \
  • Swelling in hands & feet