Angiography Procedure Cost In Bangalore

Angiography is a medical imaging technique. In this type of imaging process, an X-ray image is obtained after injecting a contrast dye into the bloodstream via arteries. When performed for the heart it is titled as "coronary angiography", which is one among most common type of angiography. It lets the physician see the blood flow in the patient's heart. This test generally aims at finding out blockage in the heart, specifically in the 'coronary artery' that helps to diagnose severe heart conditions. Over the recent years we hvae seen high number of cases being registered for Angiography. According to one survey done and report published in a leading news paper, one of the major reasons for increase in heart related ailments is stress. Mostly work related stress topped the list followed by pollution. Though we really have no power to avoid pollution , somewthing which can still be worked upon is Stress. As per the report one doctor stated that Stress is the new smoking for people in Bangalore. This has led to many hospitals flocking in to provide coronary healthcare services, which has increased the angiograhy cost in bangalore.

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At ShubHealth we are striving to help patients with 2 things only 1) To only partner with hospitals with proven clinical records 2) To be transparent with our patients -- we will strive to get the best rate possible from the hospital also if ShubHealth charges any administrative cost, same will be clearly told to patients. Our Objective is to continue servicing patients & Hospitals at the least sustainable cost

Our Objective is to continue servicing patients & Hospitals at the least sustainable cost! as we have no adminstrative cost , we currently work on Zero Comission Basis, all benefits received from Hospital shall be passed on to patients

Important things to Know Before Surgery

No of Days stay in Hospital: (1 Day Max)

Hospital Accreditation : NABH, JCI

Anesthesia Type N/A

Department: Cardiology

Surgery Duration: 30 Minutes – 2 hrs

Recovery Time: 5-7 Days

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Things to do Before Surgery

Stop Smoking & Drinking

Stop Blood thinner & any routine medication (per Doctor Advice)

Wear comfortable clothes

Follow surgery diet (avoid Heavy & Oily food)

Ask a Friend or Family to accompany

Keep a folder with latest medical test & doctor reports, Insurance Card & Emergency contact

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Top Hospitals with affordable Angiograhy cost in Bangalore

Apollo Hospitals

Bannerghatta Main Rd

Bangalore Medical College

Fort, Krishna Rajendra Rd,

BGS Global Hospital

KengeriBGS Rd,Kodipalya,

Columbia Asia Hospital

Yeshwanthpur, Brigade Gateway 26, 4,
1st Main Rd, beside Metro, Malleswaram,

Bowring & Lady Curzon Hospitals

Lady Curzon Rd, Shivaji Nagar,

When Angioplasty is required !

As a general Principle more than 40-50% of coronary artery blockage will affect persons daily routine activity. People with moderate level of physical activity will feel loss of breath. Pls reach out to your cardiologist for a detailed examination. For other detailed information , pls refer to our dedicated page on Angioplasty.